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Duck Life 4

About Duck Life 4


The game Duck Life 4, which is the fourth part in the Duck Life series, was first made available on NotDoppler on February 16, 2012, and then on February 23, 2012, it was made available for usage on other websites.

To begin, you will go to the Egg Pick stage, where you will choose either a yellow egg, a brown egg, or a white bread. Immediately after that, a duckling emerges from inside it like magic. The appearance of the duck's feathers and eyes will be completely at random, while the color of the duck's body will be determined by the sort of egg that you bought. The next step involves determining whether or not your duck can cross the finish line. On the other hand, your duck will eventually pass out, prompting you to feed it seed in order to restore its strength. As soon as the duck has finished eating the seed, it will be able to cross the finish line. Because the duck wasn't very quick, you will soon have the opportunity to train as you make progress. You'll finally get to talk to Joe, the running coach. You may chat to him to improve your training. In addition to that, he shows you a duck that is eager to compete with you. You may access this option by clicking the "!" above its head. He also takes you to the store where you may purchase eggs, have your hair trimmed, and get a hat. The windmill competition is the very last item that he demonstrates to you. Tournaments consist of three consecutive heats that are not broken up by rest periods. You have the option of picking a different duck for each race. If you win in a tournament, you'll be able to access a previously hidden region of the map. That pretty much wraps everything up. Investigate the surroundings by navigating with the mouse. After that, you may click on whatever you want. Unlocking all of the places has a total of 6 steps.

How to play

To control the duck's movement, use the left and right arrow keys. Make every effort to avoid being struck by the things that are falling.

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