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Duck Life 2

About Duck Life 2


Start the dramatic duckling race in the game Duck Life 2. You will control the adorable and mischievous duckling. Your mission is to use your skills to reach the finish line first.

Game Overview

Duck Life 2 is a duck racing game where you can train at various levels to become stronger. This game tests your ability to run, climb, swim, and fly. You can track your duck's progress through each practice and race in this difficult and fun game.

In the adventure game Duck Life 2, you prepare your ducks for a thrilling race. Train abilities like sprinting, flying, swimming, and climbing to cross the finish line first among the duckling explorers. Show off your ability to run, swim, fly, climb, and jump effectively.

How to control ducklings

To jump, use the up arrow key.

To control the duck, use the left and right arrow keys.

When swimming, you can move around using the left and right arrow keys. Jump with the up arrow key and dive with the down arrow key.

To move between canyon walls, press the left and right arrow keys.

You can use the money to buy food for the ducklings. This will give them more energy, which is important for winning races. Remember to buy entertainment accessories with the duck coins you earn!


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