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Drift Boss

About Drift Boss


You are a speed fanatic, so are you ready to conquer brand-new races? Overcome all challenges to rule the game the Drift Boss!

Drive in the right direction in Drift Boss

On a road full of bends, you must adjust the direction of the car so that it stays in the right direction and does not fall off the race. It sounds easy, but in fact, this game requires a lot of concentration and reflexes from you. Only then will you be able to maintain the direction of the vehicle, helping it to constantly move forward and collect as many coins as possible. With the distance you travel, the system will calculate the score for you. Therefore, the further you go, the higher the points as well as the amount of gold you gain. Would you like to try another game from the same series as this one? Drift F1 is such a game, the gameplay is similar but the graphics and features are upgraded. In this version, you can also appear in the Leaderboard if excellent.

Special in the features equipped in Drift Boss

So what can you use that gold for? You can buy more boosters using coins. Besides, in Drift Boss, you can return daily to earn rewards. Every day, the gifts are different, you can be received coins, double score or car insurance. The game has The Collection section the collection where u can see what u collected and select a level 5 car to drift. In Card assembly, you can select 3 of the same cards, to assemble. keep assembling to upgrade to level 5 cards. Moreover, there are 2 choices in Lootbook which are hourly loot and premium loot. Join Drift Boss and have fun!

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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