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Dino Game

About Dino Game


Previously, when the user tried to access Google without a network connection, the screen would show Dino Game. This game has made a lot of people enjoy it. However, now you can enjoy the game with or without a network.

The player's objectives in Dino Game

In this addictive game, the player controls the character of a tyrannosaur who moves continuously across a desert day and night. Along the way, players will have to overcome constantly appearing obstacles such as cacti and flying lizards. Therefore, you need to jump over or crouch to avoid them. In particular, the speed of Dino Game will increase over time and the game will immediately end when the tyrannosaur character hits an obstacle. As a lover of running games, you should not miss Death Run 3D. It's a first-person game, and it's incredibly fast. Coming to this thrilling running game, you will have the opportunity to experience 4 different race tracks.

Interesting details about Dino Game

When the player controls a pixelated tyrant dinosaur moving in the horizontal scrolling space, reaching a certain number of points, about 700 points, the game screen will change. The white background will turn black, and instead of clouds in the sky will be the moon, depicting the transition from day to night. The game will continuously switch from day to night, and vice versa. In addition, Dino Game will be able to display your record score. Before becoming extinct, the tyrannosaur had a total lifespan of 17 million years. It is also the maximum score that any player can achieve because the designers of this game have set the time. Perhaps due to the simple gameplay and the lovely dinosaur image, Dino Game is widely accepted by the public.

How to control

  • Press the spacebar/ up arrow key to jump
  • Press the down arrow key to crouch.

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