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Digital Circus Run

About Digital Circus Run


Start the game Digital Circus Run with the character Pomni on an exciting adventure. You are lost in a mysterious space. Try to escape from this place.

Quest for Pomni

Playing as Pomni, the user must find a way to escape from a virtual space. Obstacles such as walls, spikes, and other problems must be avoided. The goal is to run as far as possible while collecting as many gold coins as possible.

How to play Digital Circus Run

  • Use left and right swipes to control your character while sprinting and dodging obstacles.
  • Swipe up to pass obstacles.
  • To use your character's special skills, tap the correct icon.
  • To improve your character, collect as many coins as possible.

Some tips for you

Pay attention to the obstacles in front of you so you can quickly avoid them. To overcome stairs or other obstacles on the way, you just need to jump over them.

When using a dangerous saw, you must observe and evaluate the situation. You must wait for the saw blade to move away from the obstacle below before it can jump up.

Coins can be used to upgrade effects and equipment, giving your character more power. So try to earn as many coins as possible.

Playing regularly will help you improve your reaction time and obstacle avoidance skills, helping you control Pomni to move well.

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