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Curve Quest

About Curve Quest


Curve Quest is a game that moves balloons in a reversing trajectory. You can experience the balloon game with unique new gameplay. Try this challenge now!

Graphics in the Curve Quest game

This game has basic 2D graphics with balls in a dark space. The moving effect of your ball looks quite interesting. But the object that attacks you is also creatively simulated.

Ball controls

You just need to left-click to make your ball start moving to the other end of the trajectory. In addition, you can make your ball change direction at any time by left-clicking.

Hints in the game Curve Quest

You control your ball to move safely. Many objects are flying towards you to destroy your ball. Observe and react as soon as attacking objects appear. Or left-click to make your ball move position.

In addition to moving, you need to pay attention to items. Quickly collect chests so they protect you from attacks. These magnets will help you catch all the small balls around you. This helps you increase your score quickly.

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