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Crow City 2

About Crow City 2


The exciting running game Crowd City 2 is a great entertainment place for you whenever you are leisurely. In this game, you will gather members and compete with other teams.

Your goal in Crowd City 2

If you've ever been in contact with Crowd City, you will not be surprised at the beginning of the game Crowd City 2. Similar to the previous game, Crowd City 2 also asks you to go around the city and gather the White members and turn them into a member of your team. You have 2 minutes to do everything you can to become the winner of this interesting game. In addition, you can also increase the number of members quickly by robbing members of another team. Similar to Crowd City 2, the player's mission when participating in iScribble.IO is to draw lines to increase their territory. You will win when your territory is the biggest compared to other players, and you can also invade the territory of others.

The improvements of Crowd City 2

Compared to the previous version, Crowd City 2 is really more complete than before. The graphics are more beautiful, and the sound is vivid. In addition, the image of the city in the game is also more beautiful and you will no longer be covered by buildings, in this new version, you can see other characters everywhere, including behind the buildings. Moreover, the number of members of your group or rival group is displayed above the group of people, so you will be able to identify the teams that you should avoid or the teams you can defeat and gather their members into yours. In addition, Crowd City 2 retains the special features of this game series from the previous version.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

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