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Crazy Flips 3D

About Crazy Flips 3D


Take on an exciting acrobatic challenge in Crazy Flips 3D! In this game, you play the role of a gymnast. Perform the most perfect acrobatics through each level.

How to play Crazy Flips 3D game

Flipping requires precise timing between holding and releasing the left mouse button. You can perform alternating movements in the air by left-clicking. You will have to adjust to the character's gait. You can perform more complex flips and improve your talent with practice, just like in any other game.

To perform acrobatics perfectly, you must time your landing. To ensure you can land safely after each flip, timing is critical.

Try to collect as many coins as possible while playing to unlock new characters and improvements.

Game Features

Acrobatic sports game

The amazing sports game Crazy Flips 3D offers a fresh perspective in the 3D setting. As an athlete, you try to perform certain acrobatic activities.

Character skills

You can perform perfect somersaults from high cliffs, such as front flips, backflips, and acceleration tricks. All of these difficult movements are within your reach. You must control your character to complete each level by rotating and flipping to get where you need to go. You can perform somersaults and spins on a variety of obstacles and items included in the level design.

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