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Castel Wars Modern

About Castel Wars Modern


Castel Wars Modern is the game challenge your pals to a combat on the moon! Choose a game mode, select one of three entertaining and distinctive maps, and compete to be the best warrior! Pick up the weapons from the ground and experiment with your own combat techniques!

We've got a brand-new online fight for you! In this realm, you may pick an arena from three distinct, unusual maps, select how the battles will conclude, and then start a combat to slay your foe! Start the game and pick a side; both participants utilize the same keyboard and display. As soon as you enter the arena, dash to the unique weapon that has been put by your side and use it to attack your exposed foe. If they are hiding, don't be alarmed; you may make your way around the arena and assault them. To maintain a safe distance from your opponent, pick up the weapons that the helicopter threw and employ longer-ranged weaponry. Once the combat is over, you may return to the main menu and select a different terrain. Discover all the benefits of Mapsac, and try the time mode for an even greater challenge!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 3 game maps
  • 2 available modes
  • Multiplayer gameplay

How to play

The arrow keys, "W, A, S, and D" are used for playing, while "E" and "L" are used for attacking.

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