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Bubble Shooter

About Bubble Shooter


In Bubble Shooter game, players must shoot and match bubbles of the same color to burst them and get points. Try to remove all the bubbles to finish the level.

Game genre

Players must shoot and match bubbles of the same color in this game to pop them and get points. The object of the game is to clear all the bubbles on the board.

Practise skill

This is an attractive game. It tests the player's ability to strategically plan and aim accurately. Every level will be more difficult than the last, requiring players to choose their shots carefully.

Gaming rules

Bubble Shooter is a simple but visually appealing game. To pop a bubble, simply line up three or more of the same color.

Tips in Bubble Shooter game

Quick hands and eyes to identify the target and release the ball. Use your time wisely to make the ideal choice.

Pay attention to the balls closest to you. It will be forced to the finish line if you don't destroy them in time. To make room and relieve pressure from the balls above, first focus on the balls at the bottom of the screen.

Prioritize matching multiple balls of the same color. To break the balls and earn more points, try to match as many balls of the same color as possible.

Take advantage of bombs to explode more balloons. To gain the upper hand and clear large areas, use weapons like sun bombs and lightning.

Don't worry about time. Instead, take time to consider your next action.

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