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Brawl Stars

About Brawl Stars


As a game with lovely images and sounds, Fall Guys gives players a comfortable feeling when participating in the levels of this game.

Win a spot for yourself in Fall Guys

In Fall Guys, you will turn into a cute character and fight come over through many challenges. With this game, there will be a lot of players participating. In the first round, there will be the most people, dozens of people. However, after each round, the system will only select a certain number of people to advance to the next round, and those people will be the ones who complete the challenge first. The remaining players will be eliminated by being pushed down from the building. With each round, the challenges will change, and the number of people who can go on will decrease, so the competition is also greater. Therefore, in Fall Guys, there will only be one way to survive, that is, you need to beat every other player to get a spot.

Changing your character’s skin in Fall Guys

Through each round, whether you can continue or not, you will still get 50 Gem. In Fall Guys, with this bonus, you can accumulate and change your character's skin in the store. It could be changing to a character with a different color or the character's outfit will have more unique features. Changing this character's skin will make your character more adorable, and the game will also be more colorful. By the way, when you are fed up with this game, there is another game called Cycle Extreme, if you want to try a bit of adventure, this is an interesting suggestion for you.

How to control

You can use the arrow keys or WASD to move the player and jump with the spacebar.

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