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Bounzy Online

About Bounzy Online


In Bounzy Online game, you play as a magician and must fight a group of fantasy monsters. You will use magic to launch missiles, fireballs, and lightning.

How to play Bounzy Online game

Gaming rules

You will eliminate opponents in battle to locate the key and reveal legendary riches. You can find things here to improve your strength and abilities. Remember to unlock the chests to access the priceless treasures inside. You can also go to the laboratory to create spells of greater potency. Enroll in the academy to gain magical skills that will help you defeat your enemies.

Game characters

There are two main characters in the game: monsters and magicians.

  • The main character that the player will control is a magician. To fight, use spells like fireballs, missiles, and lightning.
  • Monsters: Enemies you will encounter. They come in many different sizes and shapes, each with its own characteristics and attack strategies.

Tips in the game Bounzy Online

Carefully check the map and monster locations before using any magic. Your spells deal more damage the more times they bounce.

Know your perspective. Since the spell only hits the opponent once before flying away, using it straight away is ineffective. To maximize damage and bounce, launch at an angle each time.

Prioritize attacking stronger enemies. You will face many monster attacks. Stronger monsters will deal more damage if they penetrate your defensive wall.

Occasionally, chests will appear on the map. Chase them immediately and you will be rewarded with diamonds and gold. To use your unique magic, you need diamonds.

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