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Bouncy Motors

About Bouncy Motors


Welcome to the physics-based driving game Bouncy Motors. In this game, you will control a small car model moving on a rough road. Try to get through it safely.

How to play Bouncy Motors game

Game genre

Bouncy Motors is a physics-based driving game so every movement is extremely realistic. Driving your car through levels ranging from easy to challenging will earn you coins that you can use to upgrade it.

Gaming rules

Try to pass each level in the shortest time. Navigate your car as fast as you can without running into any red zones or falling off the platform.

Game Controls

  • To move forward, you can use the W key or the up arrow.
  • To control the car in reverse, press the S key or the down arrow.
  • Rotate counterclockwise using the left arrow or A key.
  • To rotate clockwise, press the D key or the right arrow.

Tips and strategies

  • Stay away from the red spots as they have the potential to make you lose points or can end the game. Be extra cautious when driving and avoid them.
  • When driving on ice, use caution. Your car will slide extremely easily on icy surfaces, so slow down and use better driving techniques to improve vehicle control.
  • Get cash to modify your vehicles: To buy more skins and customize your car, you have to complete the level as soon as possible to earn more coins.

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