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Blue Mushroom Cat Run

About Blue Mushroom Cat Run


Join the city race in Blue Mushroom Cat Run game now. You control a lovely cat named Blue Mushroom. Help him overcome obstacles and collect lots of gold.

Game plot

Blue Mushroom Cat Run game simulates the adventure journey of Blue Mushroom cat. He happened to come to a beautiful city and had a lot of gold coins. Taking this opportunity, he determined to run as fast as possible to collect as much gold as possible.

Game genre

Blue Mushroom Cat Run game is a perfect combination of two game genres: running and overcoming obstacles. You will easily join and race in this game with its simple gameplay.

You need to know some tips

You have to focus on both fast speed and wide visibility, just like in other running games. This facilitates adaptive situational responses. You have to keep moving quickly and keep a bird's eye view.

To move about the Blue Mushroom character, use the arrow keys. You can move your character sideways using the left or right arrow keys. To avoid obstacles, use the up and down arrow keys to jump or slide.

Aim to accumulate strength. They will help you easily overcome obstacles and advance in the game.

You should also be ready for unforeseen situations. There are many unexpected situations in the game, so always be prepared for them.

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