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Bike Jump

About Bike Jump


Welcome to the journey of experiencing off-road motorbike driving in the Bike Jump game. You get to drive a motorbike on a large land with many layouts.

Game genre

Bike Jump is an action-packed and thrilling motorcycle racing game. This is where you can show off your flying motorbike racing and perfect landing skills. You can also enter the game's virtual setting and immerse yourself in its sounds and visuals.

Game missions

You'll ride your motorbike down amazing hills, then push yourself to the limit by taking off and flying into the sky. Show off your strength with elegant flips and spins.

Game graphics

Realistic engine sounds and sharp Full HD graphics in Bike Jump game create an exciting experience. Lively sounds at the same time make the city look amazing. Various camera angles provide a complete racing experience. Realistic motorcycle behavior is simulated by in-game mechanics, featuring precisely calibrated acceleration for precise speed control. Different locations and beautifully animated BMX riders make every jump and trick a visually thrilling experience.

Some tips in Bike Jump game

There are more skills you can perform in the air than just jumping. To reach your desired landing place, you must be proficient in mid-air maneuvers. When doing acrobatics, stay calm and focused to avoid mistakes and risks.

Use your earnings wisely. Upgrade for unparalleled power, agility, and aerial maneuverability.

Set definite goals and self-imposed challenges to push yourself to your maximum with every jump and technique you use.

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