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Assassin Commando Car Driving

About Assassin Commando Car Driving


You can't miss a great action car racing in Assassin Commando Car Driving game. You control your combat car to move and attack to defeat your opponents.

Vehicle control

You use the arrow keys to control your car's moving direction. Activate the cannon by clicking on the cannon icon on the screen. Note that you can only attack with cannons when the distance between you and your opponent is close enough.

Homemade vehicle equipment

Your car has special features compared to regular cars. It is equipped with several additional parts for use in combat. You have 2 fists on both sides of the vehicle to attack opponents who are moving at your level. You have a cannon above you to aim at opponents directly above you. In addition, your car is also equipped with a protective frame on the hood. It helps protect your vehicle from frontal collisions.

Your opponents are also racers with many weapons. You need to observe and take precautions because he can attack you at any time. Or you can attack him before he attacks you on the track

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