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Aquapark Balls Party

About Aquapark Balls Party


Aquapark Balls Party is a water slide game where players must battle against other players in racing the ball down the thrilling slide in the water park and try to get as many balls to the finish line as fast as possible.

How to play Aquapark Balls Party

As you can guess from the name of the game, it's the battle of the balls in the waterpark! In this game, players must navigate the ball through a series of obstacles in the water slide and try to be the first one to get to the finish line with the most number of collected balls.

You will start will only a ball. You must slide and move to avoid hitting obstacles. For example, the freeze can make your ball freeze and stop for a short amount of time.

Along your adventure, there will be options to decrease or increase the number of balls you have. The more balls you have, the more points you will earn. However, your safety should be prioritized first. Try to avoid risky maneuvers that may cause a collision and make you fall off the slide because that will end the game.

There are also different power-ups in the game such as speed boosts or shields. Grab them to gain a temporary advantage over your opponents.

Game Controls

Use A/D or Left/right arrows to move.

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