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About AppleWorm


The Apple Worm is putting all gamers throughout the globe to the test. Your mission is to take control of a worm and guide it through a maze so that it may eat an apple and reach an escape portal. Can you pass all levels

Nearly everyone may have some prior experience with snake-like mechanisms. This Apple Worm game was created with these concepts in mind. A worm is stuck in a labyrinth, and it is up to you to get him out of there. When you first enter the game, you will notice an entrance gateway right away. However, getting to that gateway will require a significant amount of time on your part.

To begin, your worm is suffering from severe malnutrition. In this confusing labyrinth, let's enjoy a delicious apple together. Apple consumption also assists to your successful escape. Your worm will experience physical growth as a result of eating the apple. The next step is to bend his lengthy body in order to go to the new location. It's not easy to bite into an apple without losing your balance or having your teeth trapped in the skin. When playing Apple Worm, you need to give great consideration to every step you take. If that happens, you'll have to start the level over again. You should not be concerned since the game enables you to play as often as you choose. You get experience in proportion to the number of times you go through a level. Using this information, you may devise a cunning method to complete the level successfully.

How to play

You can use arrow keys or AWSD to play this game

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