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Angry Gran Run - Halloween Village

About Angry Gran Run - Halloween Village


It is a mystery to us why this elderly lady is so irate, but in the amusing and incredible video game Angry Gran Run Halloween Village, she is determined to exact her vengeance on the game's antagonists. Can you guide this bouncy grandma through the streets of the city that have been decked up with various Halloween decorations without her smashing into the many obstacles that she encounters?

At first appearance, no one would believe that an irate grandma could compete with marathon runners, yet this grandma has incredible amounts of energy. You get to explore a city that is getting into the Halloween spirit in Angry Gran Run Halloween Village. The streets are filled with inhabitants dressed up in costumes and there are a variety of spooky decorations. Because the irate grandmother is an elderly person, all of this disturbance is too much for her, and she has made up her mind to show her neighbors that they should have been more peaceful with their celebration. The goal of the game for you, as the player, is to assume the role of the irate grandmother and try to make it as far as possible while dodging the many hazards that you will find on the streets.

This incredible game combines fast-paced action with amusing animations all in one package. You may earn money in two ways: one is by collecting them, and the other is by kicking punks that you see roaming about town. You may unlock numerous costumes for the irate grandmother by using these money. These outfits will show the other characters that even though she is an old lady, she is still able to rejoice and get into the spirit of the event. You are able to buy power-ups, as well as upgrades, in addition to the outfits. How long do you think you can keep the irate grandmother going?


  • Responsibilities and regular chores
  • Laugh-out-loud game play
  • Unlockable variations of several outfits
  • Various upgrades available for purchase

How to play

To move left and right, use the A and D keys on your keyboard. You can overcome the challenges by using the up arrow key, and you can go around the barriers by pressing the down arrow key. To navigate around corners, using the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard.

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