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Anaconda Runner

About Anaconda Runner


Anaconda Runner is an exciting moving snake game. In this game, your task is to control a snake moving on a path full of food and obstacles.

Game missions

In this game, you have to control an Anaconda. Eat blue orbs along the way to help your snake get bigger. You will have to dodge obstacles, avoid traps, and face other snakes.


You can use a mouse or touch screen to control your Anaconda. Use smart movements, knock down opponents, and consume orbs along the way.

Suggested playing strategy

  • Take the opportunity to consume a large number of orbs to enhance the size, speed, and strength of your snake.
  • Eat snakes that are smaller than you. Because you have a chance to quickly become bigger thanks to this.
  • Avoid all obstacles. Barriers will appear sporadically. Keep your concentration high to avoid hitting them.
  • Avoid moving into the red gate. Because this gate will deduct your score.

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