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3D Ball Balancer

About 3D Ball Balancer


Start your dangerous journey of rolling the ball in 3D Ball Balancer game. You control your ball to move intelligently to conquer a challenging matrix.

Start an exciting journey

When you start the game, you will experience rolling the ball on a wooden bridge. Surrounded by seawater. Try to roll the ball across the bridge and onto the wooden boat to complete the level.

Move the ball

You use the mouse to move the ball. Imagine you need to use the mouse to create traction to help the ball move forward. When you want to move sideways, you just need to drag the ball to the side you want the ball to roll to.

The game trains dexterity

To play the 3D Ball Balancer game, you need to use many skills at the same time. You need to be skillful to move the ball on the bridge.

Please use a moderate amount of traction when you are not proficient. Then you can be more confident in your next moves.

The most difficult thing in this game is controlling the ball to move onto the boat. You need to use the green to pull harder when you want the ball to roll onto the wooden bridge.

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